Wrap up your weekday with KDFC Tonight as Rik Malone explores a different theme each evening from 8 – 11.
From What’s New Wednesdays to birthday celebrations, see what Rik has planned this week.

MONDAY: Celebrating the Bard: Music inspired by Shakespeare on his 454th birthday.

TUESDAY: Guest conductor Daniel Harding leads the San Francisco Symphony to the summit and back in Richard Strauss’ An Alpine Symphony, and pianist Paul Lewis is the soloist for one of Beethoven’s giant steps towards the Romantic Era, his Piano Concerto #3.

WEDNESDAY: It’s Astronomy Week – keep your eyes on the skies and your ears on KDFC for music inspired by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars.

THURSDAY: My Variations: flights of fancy on original themes by Beethoven, Dvorak, Bach, Schubert and more.

FRIDAY: The Spring Drive is over! S t r e t c h out with extended works by Schubert, Ravel, Brahms and more.