Posted by Hoyt Smith on May 27, 2008

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Many (if not all) of us notice it as we reach a certain age. Words go missing in conversation. “Where did I park the car?” “And I ‘d like you to meet my new co-worker…umm…” I notice the older I get the harder it is to come up with the just the right word on the air. As The Wall Street Journal’s Melinda Beck put it in “The Science Behind ‘Senior Moments’ “, of all the telltale signs of aging, the scariest are those that affect the mind. She adds that paying attention is critical to laying down memories, which scientists now think are distributed all around the brain. When, though, should you be concerned about memory lapses? If you forget the names of simple things, if you can’t remember the make, color and model of the car you’ve driven for years then it may be time to be concerned. Changes in behavior or mood or memory can also signal early Alzheimer’s. There are also a host of other things that can cause memory problems including depression, alcohol abuse, thyroid problems, vitamin deficiencies and hormone fluctuations, and many are treatable. It’s an excellent article you can read in it’s entirety here.

We’ve just finished up day three of our 102 Days of Summer and come Wednesday morning at 8:40 a.m. our KDFC Beach tote has $400 worth of Classical Gas inside along with baseball game tickets and the soundtrack to the new Indiana Jones flick. Sign up now to join our Club KDFC here. If you’re already a member click here to let us know you’d like to play along this summer.


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