Posted by Hoyt Smith on May 22, 2008

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This is one I saw this morning on Yahoo, but didn’t have time to cover on the air. With gas prices soaring out of sight people are trying to squeak more miles from a tank. This CNN Money link explodes a few myths (not gas tanks) like the currently popular tip that filling up in the morning is better. According to the web page, “The theory goes that fluids are more dense at lower temperatures, so a gallon of cold gas actually has more gas molecules than a gallon of warmer gas. But the temperature of the gasoline as it comes out of the nozzle varies little during the course of the day, according to Consumer Reports, so there’s little, if any, benefit, to getting up early to pump gas.” Check out the rest of them here.

Friday morning at 8:40 we’ll call out the first Club KDFC member name to win a beach tote stuffed with tickets to ball games, KDFC sunscreen, a copy of the soundtrack to the new Indiana Jones flick and Classical Gas…a $100 gas card. It’s the kick-off of KDFC’s 102 Days of Summer. Join our Club KDFC to win. If you’re already a member, sign in to the club page and tell us you’d like to play along.


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