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Some more of the new words and expressions we touched on during the Morning Show today…
Post-party Depression – The January blues that ensue after the holiday season has ended and it’s  back to the old routine
BMWs – B—-ers, Moaners and Whiners. Example: “We’d get a lot more done around here if we didn’t have so many BMWs working here.”
Avalunche – An overwhelmingly large meal at mid-day. Example: “I think we’re gonna skip dinner. We had an avalunche this afternoon.”
Have any good new ones of your own?

In our Commuter Quiz at 6:30 today on Whiz Kid Wednesday we asked to fill in Groucho Marx reply to the Warner Brothers when they threatened to sue the Marx Brothers over the title A Night in Casablanca. Kathy from San Francisco knew Groucho said, “I’ll sue you for using the word “brothers”. Kathy will be our guest to hear the Angelich-Capucon trio at the Herbst this coming “Super” Tuesday night. More winning Tomorrow and Friday.

Do you know when the French Foreign Legion was founded? The same year as Chopin’ completion of the Waltz No. 1 in Eb…our Blind Date Year, 1831. Listen for another Blind Date piece tomorrow at 8:30am.


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