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Last week we covered some of the “best” excuses for calling in sick thanks to “Someone put LSD in my salad”. One I didn’t mention on the ear, “While at the circus, a tiger urinated on the employee’s ear, causing an ear infection”. Wow! and I thought I had an active imagination. I received email this morning from a listener named John, “I liked your list of excuses for calling in sick. I actually “call in well” — it is a beautiful day, I feel great, I’m not coming in!” Sounds great. I’ve never had a job where that was possible, but I sometimes wish I did. There are probably not too many of us who have that kind of boss, or work for that understanding a company. I also had email from Dick who works for Network Appliance in Sunnyvale who wrote, “Our management are very keen on philanthropy and gave every single US-based
employee 5 days of paid leave to work for non-profit organizations. The leave has been used for such things as assisting in distribution of Toys-for-Tots with the USMC , Junior Acheivement, Habitat for Humanity, and The Tech Museum in San Jose.” Nice.
So, what’s the best perk at your place of business?

Mark from San Jose (another first time winner, yay!) won our first pair of tickets this week to Sf Performances presentation of the Capucon-Angelich trio, Tuesday February 5th at Herbst Theater, San Francisco. He knew that we each consume, on average, 700 pounds of paper each year here in the U.S. Good luck the rest of the week in the Commuter Quiz at 6:30am

Our Blind Date year was the “miracle year” for an unknown patent application evaluator in teh Swiss Patent office. It’s been called the Annus Mirabulis for Albert Einstein. He published four papers dealing with Brownian Motion, the photoelectric effect, electrodynamics and the equivalence of matter and energy. Oh, and Manuel de Falla wrote the two act opera “La Vida Breve”, our Blind Date music from the year…1905.


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