Posted by Dianne Nicolini on May 30, 2008

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On this day before Monica graduates from High School, I am thinking primarily of feeding our extended family after the big event.  I’m also spending an inordinate amount of time fretting about my dirty windows.  Can I clean them all in time for the party?  So now you see the extent of my neurosis.  On the brink of an empty nest  (although she doesn’t actually leave for UC San Diego until late September) I am busying myself with anything but reality.  In fact I even took a moment to reflect on my own graduation, from the very same school BTW.  On the day itself in 1976, I had a bad cold but was giving a speech so I took some medicine.  I think it was Contact.  Remember Contact? It took care of the sniffles but it pretty much wiped me out in the process. Anyway,  I’m one of those pathetic people for whom High School was the high point of their lives!  My fondest wish for Monica, on the other hand, is that graduation is the beginning of incredible things and an adulthood of surpassing happiness.

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