Posted by Dianne Nicolini on May 22, 2008

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My attempt to communicate in Italian was a dismal failure but in all other ways it was a fine evening last night in the KDFC studios.  Actually, the Einaudi Intimate Concert was held in the lobby where a beautiful grand piano stands at the ready.  What a pleasure to welcome Signori Einaudi to San Francisco.  He was smaller than I had imagined, soft-spoken and exceptionally pleasant despite his jet-lag.  He performed for about 45 minutes.  He warned John Evans that he would lose track of time while playing and would need John to give him some kind of signal when time was running low.  He did seem to be thoroughly lost in the moment as he played.  He also hummed (barely audibly) throughout the performance. He’s already big in Japan (as they say) and huge in England and the rest of Europe. I’m fairly certain that his haunting music will soon conquer America too.

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