Posted by Dianne Nicolini on January 25, 2008

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Check out Ladies in Lavender with both Dame Judi and Maggie Smith  (also a Dame!).  I mentioned the plot on the air.  They play sisters in Cornwall who come across a young man washed up on their beach from some foreign land who has lost his memory but not his ability to play the violin.  Joshua Bell plays the violin solos on the soundtrack.  It’s quite a sweet movie, nothing earth-shaking but those dames act their hearts out!  It came out a couple of years ago so look for it on DVD.

 Anyone have any suggestions for good DVD rentals for this rainy weekend?  A friend lent me the Martin Scorsese documentary, My Voyage to Italy, about the influence of Italian movies on him and his own films.   This is very long, almost 4 hours, and I’m just one hour in but it’s pretty neat for the serious film buff.

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